B!G Award Partner – Aerogen
19 April 2022

B!G Award Partner – Aerogen

This year we are simply chuffed to have Aerogen on board as one of our Award partners. Aerogen are excited to sponsor the award which is very close to young people’s hearts which is the mental health award. Mental health is a massive topic at the forefront of everyone’s minds especially since the global pandemic has done its best to interrupt the lives of young people. It has been the most popular topic for students to concentrate on for their projects.

“We are passionate about supporting our local community and this programme offers a great opportunity for our global team to share their skills & expertise to help students develop solutions to real problems.”


Aerogen are the world’s leading acute care aerosol drug delivery mechanism. Their products allow people with acute respiratory difficulties to receive the least invasive treatment and get better as quickly as possible. They are the world leader in high-performance aerosol drug delivery. The power of their work is that five times more medication can be delivered straight to the lungs compared to other, more common nebulisers. Now that’s the type of statement to make anyone sit up and listen.

Of course we all know that Covid-19 has played havoc with people’s respiratory systems and Aerogen have provided a type of closed-circuit aerosol device which helps to reduce the spread of infection as much as possible and protect the patient and the care giver.

For more than 20 years, this incredible drug delivery company has been used by over 10 million patients in over 75 countries, playing a really important role in hospital emergency, acute and critical care units across the world. Their core value is that they are “driven to design better technology that transforms acute care and focuses on improving the well-being of respiratory patients worldwide”.

They are proud recipients of all the following standards and certificates:
– ISO:13485:2012, CE Mark, 510K Approved
2016 European Entrepreneur of the Year – European Business Awards
– 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Zenith Award for Respiratory Care Excellence – American Association of Respiratory Care
– 2014 Irish Exporter of the Year (Irish Exporters Association – IEA)
– 2013 Medical Technology Company of the Year (Irish Medical Devices Association, IDA Ireland, Enterprise Ireland)
– 2011 Silver IMDA Excellence (Irish Medical Devices Association)
– 2011 Finalist in Engineers Excellence Awards (Irish Engineering Awards)

The B!G Idea are thrilled to have them as a partner and we look forward to lots more collaboration going forward.

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