Governance Code

To think B!G you need to make sure you are grounded to grow, which is why we have a governance code that we follow as a not-for-profit.

Good governance involves putting in place systems and processes to ensure that we achieve our objectives with integrity and The B!G Idea is managed in an effective, efficient, accountable and transparent way.

We are clear about our purpose, and we have agreed future plans with our board of directors. Our plans are ambitious but aligned to available resources, and if we need more resources – you guessed it – we plan on how to get them! We know how to take over our world, it’s just about getting there!

We have mighty values that we stand and live by everyday. We have a Code of Conduct for our team of volunteers and board members. We work with integrity and transparency and always put our best foot forward.

Clarity in our roles and responsibilities brings a great sense of purpose to the team. We have weekly meetings and one-on-ones when needed with line managers. We have operational policies where necessary to help guide the team.

Our legal status is a CLG (Company Limited by Guarantee) which means we are a non-profit organisation. We prefer profit -for- purpose, we have appropriate financial controls and oversight to manage our funds and assets. Insurance is in place for all of our team.

Designated roles are aligned with team members with appropriate skills. We hold regular team meetings and board meetings. We arm ourselves with agenda items and take away actions. We actively review how we work and make amendments where necessary. Bard packs are sent out with notice which includes relevant reports and explanatory presentations or papers. Diversity is at our core, so we actively make sure that we have diversity in backgrounds and thinking in our make-up.

We have our CLG number clearly displayed on all written materials and we involve our stakeholders in our planning, development, decision-making and review process. We have procedures in place to help with queries, comments and complaints. We follow the reporting requirements of our funders and donors both public and private. Our codes and policies are easily accessible on our website. 

We have adapted the standards and practices of  Charities Regulator’s Governance Code as recommended by the showing our commitment to transparency and good governance.