a B!G Mentor

Become a B!G Mentor today and apply to join our community of amazing 2022 Mentors. We need 400 B!G Mentors to support 2000 students on our programme in 2022. We're on a B!G mission to create a better world through creative innovation! We’re up for the challenge but we simply cannot do this alone. Year one was such a success, 100% of 2021 students learnt new critical creative skills and we now have over 10,000 students on our waiting list! We need you!

What’s a B!G Mentor?

Forward Thinking

Our B!G Mentors are a forward-thinking bunch of individuals committed to supporting a better future through young people and deliver meaningful change through creativity. Our growing community of Mentors are from all sectors across Ireland.

Shared Vision

A B!G Mentor supports our vision and shares our values! We are looking for creative innovators who will pledge €200 to support our students. You then have the opportunity to participate as much or as little as you like, it's all up to you!

Want Change

Our incredible Mentors will actively use their knowledge and experience to directly support students through our bespoke Mentoring platform and connect with like-minded industry leaders in an inclusive and open online community.

Levelling the Playing Field

Levelling the Playing Field

We believe that EVERY student should have equal access to vital creative skills for life and the only way to achieve this is to keep our programme completely FREE for students, schools and parents. This is a B!G challenge and the solution lies in finding people like you to join forces with us to make Ireland the most creative innovative country in the world.

More than Mentoring

As a Mentor, the level of time commitment you give is completely up to you. . This year we would like to offer you even more choice in your Mentoring role. And so can opt to be involved as little or as much as you like.

B!G Mentoring

B!G Mentoring

Did we mention we need 400 B!G Mentors for 2022? With just approx 2-3 hours of your time you can have a lasting and direct impact on our students. In February you will support students online with feedback and advice on 3-5 projects, all through our bespoke online Mentor platform, giving you the flexibility to be involved from anywhere.
B!G Judging

B!G Judging

In May you can see how our students have used your words of wisdom! We will send you a number of projects to review and grade and we will make it as simple as possible for you. You can even select a potential B!G winner and leave words of wisdom for our students. It's flexible, fully digital and really wonderful!
B!G Mentors Unite!

B!G Mentors Unite!

Our B!G community provides the link between our students, their communities and industry. We will work tirelessly to spread the word about the amazing work you and our students are doing. Throughout your B!G experience, you will build meaningful connections with like-minded Mentors and be a part of a network of cross-sector heavy hitters.
Develop and Grow

Develop and Grow

Creativity and lifelong learning go hand-in-hand and we want to embrace this as part of both our student programme and our Mentor community. We're thinking Masterclasses, Q&A sessions, cross-sector networking, peer mentoring, creativity and sustainability resources galore plus lots more! Let's connect and create a better world together for the next generation.

What the 2021 Mentors Said

Gillian Reidy

Designer & Owner, Penhouse Design

Donnacha Neary

Founder & Managing Director, Sonica

Niamh Harman

Lead Designer, Salesforce

Ashwin Chacko

Illustrator, Storyteller & Speaker

Roisin Lafferty

Creative Director, Kingston Lafferty Design

Cormac Ó Conaire

Chief Design Officer, Design Partners

Emma Geoghegan

Architect & Urban Designer

Scott Burnett

Founder & Strategic Director, Wove

B!G Believers - Benefits

Support our Students

B!G Mentors directly fund two students with a place on the programme, equipping them with creative skills for life and opening up endless opportunities.

Be a Champion

Get involved with our PR rollout, B!G 5 interviews and blog series. Display your involvement with a social media package and a B!G Mentor badge of honour!

Partner Offers

Get access to a range of exciting and exclusive offers from our B!G partners. We have a wide range of partners who are all excited to offer you gorgeous goodies.

Join the Community

Collaborate, connect and learn with like-minded peers in a curated community space with exclusive events and networking opportunities. Help yourself and help our students, it’s a win-win.

Promote the Value

Use your experience to promote the value of creativity. Help us empower the next generation with skills for life including resilience, empathy, confidence and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Develop the Future

Help us shape the future of The B!G Idea and get involved in developing this much-needed programme for students, we have lots of opportunities for further involvement.

The Mentoring Impact

Mentor signups are now closed until 2023