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Are you an innovative forward-thinking professional who would like to support the next generation? Here is your chance to join the most progressive and diverse panel of mentors in Ireland, to help students develop in-demand skills that could change our world!
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The Big Idea

Why Mentor?

Support our Students

By joining our B!G Idea Mentor community you will be supporting one student with a place on the programme, equipping them with creative skills for life and giving them the confidence to tackle huge global issues.

Develop the future

Help shape the future of The B!G Idea and bring this much-needed programme to students. Our Mentors have voting rights and can be involved in developing the programme, promoting Ireland as the most creative and innovative nation.

Promote the Value

Use your expertise and experience to promote the value of creativity. Help us empower the next generation with skills for life including resilience, empathy, confidence and an entrepreneurial mindset. Prove the impact of creativity.

Join the Community

Collaborate with leading creative peers in a curated community space with exclusive events and networking opportunities. We are building a purpose led community of B!G Idea mentors to collaborate, connect and share.

Be a Champion

Be an ambassador of The B!G Idea and get involved with our PR rollout, B!G 5 interviews and blog series. You can display your involvement with a social media package and a B!G Mentor badge of honour!

Bring the Balance

Join a fully-balanced mentor panel with a diverse range of individuals from all sectors from across Ireland and beyond. There is a limited number of mentor positions available so we can ensure representation.

What the Mentors Said

Scott Burnett

Founder & Strategic Director, Wove

Emma Geoghegan

Architect & Urban Designer

Cormac Ó Conaire

Chief Design Officer, Design Partners

What’s Involved?

Build your Profile

Build your Profile

Add being a B!G mentor to your shining achievements and be recognised as a progressive professional who is one of the best in the industry, sharing knowledge with the next generation. Be instrumental in equipping this next generation with the creative mindset they need to tackle the biggest problems society faces.
B!G Mentoring

B!G Mentoring

Through our customised mentoring platform you will be able to support students in their learning journey from anywhere in the country. What can you expect? In March/April you will be sent about 3-5 projects to review, feedback and advise on. You are never alone in this, you will be supported by The B!G Idea team and see other mentors' commentary.
B!G Judging

B!G Judging

See the solutions and the impact you made as mentors. It's a really easy process where you will be sent a number of projects to review and grade. We will give you great project examples and provide an easy-to-follow grading system. You can even select a potential B!G winner and leave words of wisdom for our students.
Connect & Shine

Connect & Shine

Our B!G mentor community really does provide the link between our students, their communities and industry. We will work closely with you to spread the word about the amazing work you and our students are doing. Through your experience, you can build meaningful connections with like-minded mentors and be a part of a network of industry heavy hitters.
Your Investment

Your Investment

Your investment of €200 includes two places for students on the programme with all teaching and learning materials supplied and a percentage of the activity materials for their school. It supports the development and rollout of an innovative learning framework that connects industry to education. Your investment is in the future innovative capacity of Ireland and allows you to be involved in the most progressive student programme in the country and much more.

The Mentoring Impact

Mentor Signup

Join our national panel of B!G mentors to support the next generation of creative empowered innovators. Please follow the simple steps below to get on board for 2022.

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