Our Programme

A Creative Programme to Think B!G

A Creative Programme to Think B!G

We think B!G picture and want the next generation to think even B!GGER. We want to equip the next generation with the creative mindset to tackle the biggest problems society faces. We collaborate with schools and Transition Year (TY) students to create, experiment, invent, take risks, make mistakes, have fun, and change the world. The best of the best work with us as judges and mentors, offering real-world advice directly to the students, sharing their knowledge and connecting students with their communities and the creative sector.
Leading Creative Experts from Ireland and Abroad

Leading Creative Experts from Ireland and Abroad

Our Transition Year programme has been developed by internationally award-winning creative experts. We have designed the content for all learning styles enabling a truly inclusive learning experience. Through our classes we embrace failure and exploration, encouraging students to develop resilience and curiosity. Informed by years of industry experience, we share how to use the creative process and specific creative tools for successful outcomes. Each week we explore one key creative tool and define how the students can use that tool directly on their B!G projects.
Empowering Creative Thinking in Students

Empowering Creative Thinking in Students

The 16-week programme is designed to use all key skills developed from Junior Cycle. Through two classes per week, it will complement the existing curriculum with the added benefits of a new and adaptable set of skills. Creative skills are applicable to a student's learning journey into Senior Cycle and beyond. Our unique programme has been curated through a passionate belief in the power of creativity to affect massive positive change. We believe this life skill will empower a generation to change their world!
Emer Magee, Shannon Comprehensive

Emer Magee, Shannon Comprehensive

It's a huge opportunity and it's so well run, so well organised. The 15 weeks have flown but for TY when you are trying to do something creative and something new it's perfect. I personally would love to do it again now that I know what is involved as even I learnt a lot doing it. I also feel that I could do a lot better next year as well with them [my students]. It's a great opportunity for any school to be a part of.
Conor Power, Coláiste Chiarán

Conor Power, Coláiste Chiarán

I think it was unbelievable the level of resources and lesson plans that were given with the programme. Of course, the students love getting goodies and these were so well thought out and so effective. It's been a fantastic use of time you know, it's a massive asset to add to any TY programme I would say.
Edel Mcdonnell, Shannon Comprehensive

Edel Mcdonnell, Shannon Comprehensive

The range! They weren't just sitting there, they were doing, they were watching videos then they had activities to back that up. We felt very supported, the material was fantastic. It's so different from other competitions that we have entered, we have never had a competition like this before. Seeing them [our students] being able to adapt it and come up with idea's and think outside the box and just think of their hero's and come up with an initiative to help them, its just fantastic!
Donal Enright, Desmond College

Donal Enright, Desmond College

It is a great opportunity for them [our students] to think outside the box or forget the rules. The buy-in from the students and the fact that they have enjoyed it! I put out the five suggestions [project briefs] and they chose the issues, they aligned in teams, they came back with the pitches. You have got to open the box, see what is in it and see how it works for your students and make it your own!
Niamh Delaney, Presentation De La Salle Bagenalstown

Niamh Delaney, Presentation De La Salle Bagenalstown

No idea was too small, even the simplest idea can expand and develop and I think they [our students] really saw that when they got their [Mentor] feedback, some of them [our students] thought their idea was basic or small but the simplest little idea could change something huge in life!

The Prizes

Medals for each team category winner

The B!G Idea trophy for overall B!G idea

Creative teacher of the year awards


Lorna Ross

Chief Innovation Officer

Professor Alex Milton

Head of the School of Design- NCAD

Róisín Lafferty

Creative Director

Donal O Mahony

Head of UX and Product Design

Jill & Gill

Multidisciplinary Creatives

Eugene Canavan

Medical Design Director


Divergent Thinking

Creativity naturally promotes divergent and transversal thinking by connecting learning and experiences across the curriculum and beyond the classroom. The ability to think creatively is a valuable life skill, applicable to all professions, even those not yet invented!

Innovative Mindset

Thinking critically and creatively is at the start of any innovation. Every advancement known to mankind started with a new idea, a new perspective. New ideas are inspired by curiosity, imagination and creativity.


Creativity cultivates collaboration and inclusion. It fosters a sense of connection within teams to learn from each other and to share experiences. Creativity is an active process and promotes a sense of togetherness.


Understanding how an issue affects individuals or communities is an integral part of the creative process. This requires us to imagine a situation from different points of view and develop empathy as we create solutions to meet the needs of others.

Future forward

Having the ability to visualise solutions that do not even exist yet allows you to think B!G. The creative process advocates for exploration without boundaries, balanced with the practical ability and know how to provide the needed solutions.

Positive Mental Health

When we are creative we are challenging ourselves, challenging our assumptions and immersing ourselves in a creative journey. All of which support positive mental health through feelings of connectedness and purpose.


Creativity asks us to be inquisitive, to question the status quo and to explore new and better ways to do things. In learning how to question and to work creatively through a problem we are developing essential and adaptable life skills.


Creativity is inherently multidisciplinary, allowing you to communicate your creative thinking through different mediums; Visual, written, story telling, conversation, presentations - the important part is to communicate the why!


Creativity celebrates safe failure, it gives us the chance to learn from mistakes, understand them and develop better outcomes. Creativity builds courage, persistence, resilience and the confidence to take on B!G challenges.

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