About The B!G Idea

How does The B!G Idea help Students?

How does The B!G Idea help Students?

We equip transition year students with the creative mindset to tackle the biggest problems society faces, in other words, to change their world. We work collaboratively with schools and students to create, experiment, invent, take risks, make mistakes, and have fun. Our inclusively designed programme empowers students with creative tools that will expand their capabilities, building confidence and knowledge base connecting them with their communities and bridging the gap with Industry. The best of the best work with us as judges and mentors. They give real-world advice directly to the students, sharing their knowledge and connecting the students and their communities with Industry. We celebrated the students' work in a virtual exhibition in May! Check out the Showcase and 2022 Exhibition below.
The Best of Ireland's Creatives & Industry Experts

The Best of Ireland's Creatives & Industry Experts

The best of the best work with us as judges and mentors. They give real-world advice directly to the students, sharing their knowledge and connecting the students and their communities with Industry. We will celebrate students' work at an online event and showcase their learning journey in a virtual exhibition in May 2022!
Why The B!G Idea?

Why The B!G Idea?

We have a responsibility to arm our next generation with the tools that will empower them to solve the pressing issues that they will inherit. We want to build creative capacity so that students can be the best global citizens. It’s also central to EU and national education and innovation policies. We know schools are busy and teachers can be overloaded. We work collaboratively to support teachers to facilitate a learning environment full of creativity, innovation, exploration, critical and divergent thinking.
For a Creative Ireland

For a Creative Ireland

It’s a tough time for families, and school resources are stretched. We know the benefits of creativity and want to make sure there are no barriers for inclusion. That’s why The B!G Idea will always be FREE for students, parents and schools! We believe that creativity is a hard skill and not a soft skill, that its benefits are exponential. Creativity benefits society, culture and industry and true innovation happens when creativity is at its core. ‘Increasing the capacity for creative innovation is central to the success of our society.’ Kim Mackenzie-Doyle

Growing B!G


We built the foundations through a very challenging year but creativity loves a challenge! Workshop formats were trialled and tested, and the programme material was created. Strategic planning for 2021 mapped out our ambitions. 

We onboarded nearly 100 incredible creative professionals from all corners of Ireland who feel as passionate about The B!G Idea as we do.  We welcomed our first schools who believed in the benefits of creativity and embraced the potential of our programme.


We won’t forget the start of the year where we launched with 500 students in counties Carlow, Limerick and Clare. A third national lockdown resulted in schools beginning the year online, but the B!G Idea team rose to the occasion and pre-planned an alternate solution for online workshops that kicked off our programme in style.

We introduce the five topics linked to briefs the students will be working on, all developed from student feedback early in the creation of The B!G Idea. We will empower the students with the creative skill set to tackle pressing social issues from Housing Crisis, Racism, Ageing Population, Health and Wellbeing, and of course, Pandemics.


In 2022 we welcomed 2066 students to The B!G Idea, growing the creative capacity of students around the country. Ever-evolving the programme with expert input, we will introduce new learning methodologies to support the student learning experience. 

Look out for more incredible mentors and judges that will join us to support our students, bridging the gap between industry and education.


In 2023 our ambition is to introduce 4,000 students to The B!G Idea. They will expand their innovative thinking, increase their confidence and gain critical creative skills that will stay with them for life.

Our immense panel of experts will support the students and allow them to gain a glimpse of how innovative thinking is working to improve life in Ireland and beyond.


Look out Ireland, we are going national with an aim to include 8,000 students. Just imagine thousands of creative innovators who can take on the biggest challenges society faces. 

Connecting creative change-makers from industry and creative change-makers from secondary education, Ireland will experience a new way of thinking. An innovative society that works together for a better future for all!

The Team

Kim Mackenzie-Doyle


Our Fearless leader. The Head Honcho. The Big Cheese with The B!G Idea. Kim is a former President and current Director of the Institute of Designers Ireland and is a firm believer in the power of creativity to effect positive change. She thinks B!G and she thinks you should too!

Fiona Byrne

Head of Education

We all need a head to function and we could not function without our Fiona! Head of all things Ed! Fiona is Creative to the core and champions students at every B!G opportunity.

Niamh Cooney

Head of Development and Sustainability

B!G Mentors, B!G Partners and all funding, B!G and small, go through Niamh. She’s our Wonder Woman – linking our amazing Mentors and Students and keeping our incredible Partners in the loop!

Alison Blake

Copy Cruncher

Ali is not a boxer but she packs a punch with words! Helping all the team with more than just their grammar – everyone needs an Ali (P.S. We know she is going to change this too)!

Pat Freeley


Pat is in charge of all things Multimedia at The B!G Idea! He is our mover and shaker (not his own words). He likes his graphics alive, his coffee hot, and his clichés in threes.

Janine Leahy

Digital Designer

Janine is in charge of keeping The B!G Idea lookin’ damn fine. If it’s got one of our exclamation marks on it you can rest assured that she has spent hours putting it in just that exact, right place!

Niamh Murray

Programme Manager

Niamh is a former teacher and current Programme Manager at The B!G Idea. With education, entrepreneurship and a passion for creative thinking under her belt, she’s a triple threat!

Christine Tobin

Communications Manager

Director of trumpets. Master of B!G Idea bandwagons. Guardian of apostrophes. Christine is a former news editor, press photographer and radio talk show producer.
The B!G Idea is a bit of a B!G deal and Christine helps make sure everyone knows about the whole shebang!

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