B!G Impact Summary
23 August 2022

B!G Impact Summary

This is a monumental time for The B!G Idea team as we complete our first ever Impact Report. We can’t tell you how excited we are!!

And what a Report it is! It has been the most incredible experience to bring together all of the wonderful achievements we have had over the past two years into one place and to see the effects they have had on so many.

The B!G Idea began on the shaky grounds of Covid ‘19 but sprang into action as a programme that is adaptable and easy to access on line as well as in the classroom. Over the past two years teachers and students have found it to be adaptable, easy to use and super beneficial.

“I loved the resources, guidance and opportunities to deliver similar lessons to other classes”

Sinead NÍ Fhathaigh, TY Teacher, Meánscoil San Nioclás

Very quickly the programme became a multi-award-winning one, empowering 15-19 year olds through inquiry-based learning, developing critical skills that will help them through their education, life and work.

Since we launched, we have worked with 2500 students and 100% have learned new skills for life. 500 incredible industry professionals have believed in us and our students as mentors. We have worked with students and teachers from Transition Year, Leaving Certificate Applied and Youthreach and we have shown that creativity can be taught. We have proven that creative thinking can empower young people to solve problems, all sorts of problems, big and small, local and global.

“Young people have great ideas and should be given a voice more often”

Shane, TY Student, Lusk Community College.

With the hopes and dreams firmly in place, it became apparent very quickly that we would need to bring more people on board to grow the programme. Over the past two years we have expanded and developed and we’re not finished yet; the plans for the future are B!GGER still.

We want to empower young people, from all backgrounds, to believe that they can make a difference to their community and their world. This year we will deliver the programme to 4000 students, including a Northern Ireland school. Young people are our future and we truly believe that if we create an environment where we can help them to realise their potential, it will have a positive effect not only on their lives and their communities but on the wider society.

The Report is currently being printed and will be ready to view in the very near future. It makes for a great read so keep your eyes peeled for it.

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