B!G Mentor Offer – Stribe
10 December 2021

B!G Mentor Offer – Stribe

Christmas is coming and boy, do we have an offer for you! Stribe are offering 35% off which will be just the thing for making going back to work in the New Year an awful lot more bearable. Stribe’s modus operandi is to create workplaces for people to thrive in.

We all know how important it is for people to work in teams and keeping everyone on these teams happy and on the same page can be quite a challenge. Stribe help every person on the team to be heard by doing sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction and a lot of other clever tricks to develop confidence among the team members leading to a happier workplace. Imagine if you could honestly say that every day in the office felt like a Friday? That’s what Stribe offer to bring to your team.

Some of the ways they make this happen are to:
– Send fully flexible surveys to reach people wherever they are
– Give your employees a trusted place to talk
– Celebrate the key moments with shout outs
– Turn your teams voice into action with straightforward insights
– Grow employee engagement with advice and support from Stribe’s experts

The benefits are obvious. When people are heard they are happy. When teams are happy they succeed. When people are happy in work there is less turnover of staff. The most common reasons for people leaving a job are a lack of recognition for work, poor relationships at work, or a lack of clarity in their role. By working with Stribe and nipping all the team tensions in the bud, what you are left with is a happy team, a happy environment and a lot more productivity.

An important point aswell is that the system is fully anonymous so that only the employee will be able to reveal their identity. As a result employees using the system are protected adding to the feeling of trust and respect.

So if you want to hear your teams loud and clear; make change that matters within your organisation and have the bonus of great productivity within your career, then check out Stribe and avail quickly of this wonderful offer.

New Year, new team vibes!

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