B!G Mentor Sectors
02 December 2021

B!G Mentor Sectors

We thought it would be pretty cool to find out more about our Mentors who are joining the programme this year.

A B!G Mentor is anyone who has professional experience in creative or critical thinking and problem solving, who wants to support and empower students across Ireland to develop these real world and vital skills.

We are so excited that our 2022 Mentors are shaping up to be a diverse bunch! We have educators, marketeers, creatives, sustainability experts, people experts, product managers, engineers, data analysts, innovators and much more. The role allows Mentors to use their industry experience to shape the development of the students’ projects.

“Last year's students were so wonderfully creative, super excited to see what they come up with this year!”

Niamh Harman, Mentor 2021/2022

Within this group of mentors we have a fantastic range of people – from those who are coming fresh to their industries all the way up to c-suite levels. Every level of experience adds value and brings out the very best in our students.

We are so lucky (as are our students) to have a range of industries represented like creative, tech, healthcare, finance, retail, consultancy, construction, energy. This makes our work at The B!G Idea so much easier as each B!G project is aligned to a creative discipline like Product, Spaces & Places, Visual Communication, Wearables and Tech.

Not only have we some great companies coming on board this year as Partners but we have academics joining the motley crew now too. NCAD, Carlow IT, UCC and Griffith College are all taking the plunge which will bring a new and more varied outlook. Creativity and lifelong learning go hand-in-hand and we can’t wait to embrace this.

“We want to help budding design-thinkers grow into future designers, developers, thinkers, doers and leaders of the future.”

Unum Ireland

The B!G Idea is an inclusive, progressive programme and our Mentors and Partners reflect this in their diversity.
For anyone in any industry at any level thinking about getting involved here is your invitation!

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