03 September 2021


Last week, 27-29 August, Kim presented The B!G Idea at DesignPOP to continue our campaign to increase visibility of the programme nationally. Design POP is an architecture, design and food festival that celebrates creativity, collaboration and Cork city.

 Kim met with some incredible creatives including Amy McKeogh, founder of Design POP and Fior studios, an Architecture and multi-disciplinary design studio. Design POP is Ireland’s first Design and Food hybrid festival which attracted over 45,000 people in the first year.

Next up was Jonathan Leahy Maharaj, the Creative lead in UCC Academy. Since graduating with a BA in Graphic Design, Jonathon has steadily worked his way through the ranks and desks of a number of design studios, printers and agencies to his current role.

Jonathan was followed by Eugene Canavan, Medical Design Director at Design Partners with over 28 years product development experience working in healthcare and consumer products. Throughout his career, Eugene has been the recipient of numerous international awards. Eugene is a regular guest lecturer at Medical Device Design at NCAD.

During the session Kim chatted mostly about linking the creative industry and education and why this is so important.

Up for discussion were questions such as:

  • Were your creative aspirations supported when you were a teenager?
  • Why do you think creative skills are important?
  • We know the education system is a big ship and doing many things for many people. We currently teach in silo’s or subjects with an emphasis on rote learning – does this kill creativity?
  • Through our programme we aim to connect industry professionals to support student teams in developing their ideas. You all mentored students in The B!G Idea earlier this year. From your perspective, what are the benefits of connecting Industry with Education?

It has to be said that Laura, Jonathan and Eugene were all so passionate about the importance of embedding creativity early in education. All three thoroughly enjoyed the experience of mentoring students through The B!G Idea and were keen to emphasise how rewarding it was. 

This exciting and motivating event is just the first in a series of high-profile events that we will be involved in. 

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