Our B!G Students
07 October 2021

Our B!G Students

Our students had a lot to say about our 2021 programme and we loved hearing it. The enthusiasm and desire for creativity was bubbling out of each and every one of them. This feedback from the first year just goes to show all the hard work the team and our incredible mentors have put in to support the next generation of creative innovators.

“The best part of the programme was basically all of it because no matter who wins or what happens something good will come out of it into the world. ”

The students’ energy and positivity throughout the programme astounded us. Right from the very beginning they threw themselves into the creative process. They were so determined to find solutions and to learn new skills. After asking students about this and where this drive came from they said it was because the briefs were relevant and that they were on subjects they really cared about. 

Students were able to use the skills they were learning and from early on the effect these new skills were having was obvious. Week by week their confidence grew and by using the learning materials from the Swag Bag they were able to get an understanding of the subject matter. It was through this process that they learned how to find solutions to local and global challenges.

“We were able to come up with our own ideas, talk to people about the solutions and show important people our ideas”

Students who typically had no experience of creative thinking or did not see themselves as creative were really open to learning new skills. 

The feedback from our students was particularly powerful because many discovered a creative side to them that they hadn’t been aware of. They learnt how and where to apply creative thinking to solve problems. 

What surprised us most was the variety of B!G Ideas. Our young people have the solutions to change the world and to improve the lives of all in our communities but they just need the creative skills and confidence to activate and action this change. 

“Expressing our creative side was something that we were never able to do. And it is challenging to do but with The B!G Idea they give us a helping hand. ”

The students were very vocal about the fact that they had gained so much value from the experience and direction given by the Mentors. The link between industry and education was something that they had not experienced before and they were only too happy to share their thoughts and ideas with them. This benefitted the students so much as it gave them the belief in their ideas and also gave them a different perspective on how to go about doing things. This kind of advice is invaluable and is not available on any other secondary school educational programme to date. 

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