The B!G Winners!!
01 June 2021

The B!G Winners!!

Congratulations to all the student participants for their incredible entries, they certainly didn’t make life easy for our judges. Our incredible team of mentors toiled hard and narrowed down the entries to select one winner per category. It was left to a distinct group of five to make the final decision on the overall B!G Idea winner. 

You can see all the incredible projects right now as The B!G Idea showcase event is now LIVE! Check out the next generation of creative innovators!   

The B!G Idea overall winner supported by Creative Ireland and winner of the Health and Wellbeing category, supported by Netwatch is … Team Tech Trio – GoShot

Team Tech Trio which is made up of Adam Collins, Stas Ustinov and Adam Zielinski from Presentation de la Salle, Co Carlow. They created a game to get children and teenagers moving again and to improve fitness in a fun way. Under the guidance of their teacher, Ms. Niamh Delaney, GoShot is a fitness game with the person running around their local area shooting at targets with points awarded for speed and accuracy. Prizes include cosmetics in game, in game upgrades and boosts. After much research and lots of test runs, the boys decided to focus on interactivity, rewards and competition as the main aspects. It obviously worked as they nailed their project!       

The B!G winner of the Ageing Population category, supported by UX Institute is …. TechnoPad.

All the way from Desmond College in Co. Limerick under the eagle eye of Mr. Donal Enright, Jack Kelly, Lauren Ambrose, Ryan Doherty and Alzbeta Barisova came together to create a masterpiece. “Our project has the intention of guiding the elderly into a safer, faster and more efficient way to use technology”.

The thinking behind this project is to produce an easy to understand, colourful manual with large print for older people. The manual guides the older person through using technology for a variety of reasons. The outcome is a happy older person who is able to communicate with her family through Zoom calls, read books, pay bills and shop online.

The B!G winner of the Combatting Racism category, supported by Blacknight is …. Micro Aggressions Macro Problem.

With the assistance of Mr. Donal Enright from Desmond College in Limerick, Orla Mullane and Martin Campbell pulled it out of the bag with their project.

“Our solution is to create a simple, transparent eBook to help initiate students grasp an understanding of what is causing racial microaggressions and what can be done to minimise the situation going forward”.

The innovative students chose to target primary school students and they created an e-book showing their hero Cian starting in a new school. They followed all the worries and concerns that he has while trying to fit in. Cian realises that he is not the only child who is different, that in fact, all children are different in their own way. They also used origami and with different coloured squared paper demonstrated to the primary school students that everyone is different and yet we are all the same.

 The B!G winner of Fighting Pandemics category, supported by Portwest is … Covid Couture.

Hannah Fanning, Aisling Bradshaw and Emily Kehoe from Presentation De La Salle, Co. Carlow with some guidance from Ms. Ita Doyle were very current with their creation of desirable PPE for teens. The end product is an ingenious face mask with a double seam to fit the nose bridge and silicone arms that sit on the ears of glasses. On top of this they have designed a wristband which notifies the wearer if they are closer than 2m to another person and which scans when entering a building for contact tracing purposes.

“We wanted to cater to the personal problems we experienced and create something that is comfortable, breathable and stylish”.

 The B!G winner of the Housing Crisis category, supported by Sonica is …. Team Muuttaa

Team Muuttaa is a team of three girls, Alannah Ni Lonargain, Niamh Butler and Laoise Fenton from Laurel Hill Colaiste, FCJ, Co Limerick with their project Sustainable Living. Muuttaa is the Finnish word for ‘change’. “We can make change happen even through the simplest of actions like taking time to understand the crisis. We have to make the effort and with that we can fuel change and influence the mass”.

Team Muuttaa were thinking outside the box when they used the lightbulb as their hero. Quite rightly they said that the light bulb is out of place if it’s not in a home and so they built a sustainable home from shipping containers. This proposal will make housing more affordable to everyone, will be an attractive proposal for the government, will benefit the environment and overall will have a very positive effect on the planet. 

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