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Do your employees use creative thinking, problem solving or innovation skills in their roles? Are you looking for ways to help employees give back and learn new skills in a fun and engaging way? Are you interested in aligning your brand with the most progressive student programme on the island of Ireland with? If so, then let’s talk about partnership. As a B!G Partner your company will be one of the most progressive organisations in the country, bridging the gap between industry and education. Year one and two were so successful that 100% of students learnt new critical creative skills! In 2024, we need to reach more students and learners and equip them with these vital skills. To do this we are looking for even more great partners to support our work and help us build an even B!GGER community of industry Mentors.

What is involved for my team?

B!G Mentoring is fun, impactful, fully digital and with a minimum commitment of 4-6 hours it can fit perfectly around busy lives and work schedules! Want more? We offer a series of meaningful touch points with our Mentors along the way and with the bonus of being online, they are fully accessible no matter where your employees might be based!

The B!G deadline to sign up is January. Once onboard, Mentors will enjoy all the offers and goodies from our amazing partners and access all Mentor benefits including access to their personal Mentor Dashboard and Mentor Community app where they can connect with their fellow Mentors and keep up to date with all things B!G Idea.

Our students kick off the programme with all their learning materials. Mentors are supported with online resources and lunch-and-learns to boost their Mentoring confidence.

B!G Mentors will review and support student teams with feedback on 3-5 projects. Approx 2-3 hours, all will be done online so location and exact timings are flexible (within the Mentoring window).

B!G Judges get to see how their input influenced their student teams, hearing how they have applied all their advice. Only 2-3 hours fully online, you get to choose when and where (within the Judging window).

The Mentoring Impact

B!G Mentoring - The Benefits

Make a real impact in the life of our students, empowering and inspiring them to think differently and be the change they want to see in the world!

​​A place for employees to increase their exposure and build stronger, more effective cross sector networks. Think events, a community forum, sustainability, creativity and innovation resources and more!

Mentoring our students is a fun and socially responsible way for employees to use and develop their own skills in coaching, collaboration and creativity - vital to the future success of your own company.

Let our students and their projects inspire your employees; a great touch point to encourage collaboration and future forward thinking!

The chance to create valuable opportunities to engage your employees around B!G Mentoring and our online Showcase event in May, perhaps even create some healthy competition at Judging time!

Be part of an exciting initiative that is empowering students to create a better future through creativity. Deliver your social impact, sustainability and marketing goals and be part of our B!G story!

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