IP Policy

January 2021


Hi there, we come bearing great news! 


We want to let you know that you own Intellectual Property Rights to your Big Idea, and all of the research, concepts, drawings and prototypes that you create during the process of the programme.

You’re familiar with the concept of property, right? It’s something that someone owns. And ‘Property Rights’ give us the ability to buy, sell and protect these things. Most often, when we think of property we think of physical objects such as a bike or a house. But there is also Intellectual Property or IP for short, and it’s all around us. IP is non-physical property that someone creates using their intellect and their imagination. Essentially, it’s an original idea, such as a logo, a piece of music, or a prototype. To protect these ideas, just like the way we protect our physical objects, we need Intellectual Property Rights. 

It means that THE B!G iDEA won’t have any rights to any of your original ideas, you own them. After all, we’re here to celebrate you and your creativity. Should you want to explore your creation after the competition, you are free to do so. All we ask is that you send us some photos of your progress so we can show it off to the world!