B!G Mentor Interview – Gillian Henderson
02 December 2021

B!G Mentor Interview – Gillian Henderson

The B!G Idea have loved having Jill Deering and Gillian Henderson from Jill & Gill as Mentors in 2021 and even more excited that they are returning again in 2022. Gillian took some time out to talk with us recently. 

What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Gillian Henderson, my role is I’m a designer and I’m co-founder of Jill & Gill.

Why do you think creative skills are important at second level?

I think creative skills at a second level are extremely important, not only because the fundamental of creative skills is problem solving but I think there is something to be said about learning about your failures and kind of owning them and how you can progress and develop from them.

What is mentoring?

I see mentoring as the ability to show others the tools to show them the path to success.

Can you take us through the process of The B!G Idea mentoring?

The B!G Idea mentoring is kind of a unique experience for the mentors because they get a load of ideas given to them from a range of different students. They take some time, give back their feedback, those students then obviously taking another fresh approach and point of view on their project. When they give us back their proposed solutions it leads right up to that big showcase.

What was the most important part of mentoring for you?

The most important aspect of mentoring especially with the students I think is bringing them along a journey and a path but also the ability for them to look up to you and in return they get confidence from that.

“I think there is something to be said about learning about your failures and kind of owning them”

Gillian Henderson

What was your biggest take away from mentoring?

Our biggest personal take away from mentoring I think is our ability to consistently grow and also learn in response to dealing with a younger demographic. The students bring fresh and new ideas and their point of view is something we need to take on board aswell.

Would you have benefitted from The B!G Idea when you were in school?

Yes. I think if I had of had The B!G Idea personally in secondary school, I think it would have been a wide awakening to knowing that my unique perspective was a creative skillset.

Did you enjoy the mentoring process and did you feel supported through it?

Yes again I think the mentoring process was extremely supportive not only peer to peer, even the social media, from a distance you could kind of see it evolve. It was kind of incredible to be a part of it.

Would you recommend mentoring to others?

Always. I think without even being asked Jill & Gill innately just give it. We just always need to kind of connect people and knowing that we’ve got The B!G Idea to kind of just connect through, that is amazing.

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