B!G Mentor Offer – Manageable
02 December 2021

B!G Mentor Offer – Manageable

We love a discount as much as anyone and this week we have a fabulous opportunity for our 2022 Mentors. Manageable are offering 20% off their coaching courses.

B!G Mentors have B!G ambitions and Manageable can help those ambitions come to life. Manageable work at teaching coaching skills to the managers of teams. It has been evident from the pandemic and history in general that tomorrow’s team leaders make brilliant coaches. During the pandemic people had to step up to the plate and it was obvious who the real leaders in a team were. If these managers can become coaches to their team, it means that everyone in the organisation will have access to one. Through Manageable, these coaches will learn about and practice coaching to boost team wellbeing and performance. 

The process is carried out in six simple steps:

Step 1: Coaching and Values Assessment – this is where you get to learn some insights that will boost your self-awareness relating to coaching. 

Step 2: Coaching Mentor- this is your chance to meet your mentor and discuss how you will develop as a coach. 

Step 3: Foundation Masterclasses – there are three of these held a month apart. You will do these with your peer group and the aim is to equip you for your first coaching assignment. 

Step 4: Real Practice – now is your chance to shine. You will get to practice being a coach on some earlier-career individuals. 

Step 5: Ongoing Inspiration – you can keep learning and practicing with interviews with CEOs, talks from experts and suggested reading material. 

Step 6: Continuous Learning – after the coaching masterclasses and coaching assignment, you will have the opportunity to work with someone new and participate in more masterclasses. 

Manageable is made up of a team of three original members. Farley Thomas is a founder and coaching mentor. He’s run global business units and functions at one of the world’s biggest banks. Inken Thomas works in business development. She co-founded a management consultancy working creatively with global clients. She has held global roles at Saatchi. And finally, Ariane Rühl-Daguisé who is a coaching mentor. Ariane is an executive coach working with leaders and their teams. 

Being a manager who coaches a team is quite a new thing but is taking off at an impressive rate and is something that has proven success to any company. 

So take the bull by the horns and grab this wonderful opportunity now by being a Mentor in 2022. Move with the times and reap the rewards.

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