B!G Mentor Timeline
11 October 2021

B!G Mentor Timeline

So you are thinking of signing up or you have already signed up as a B!G Mentor and you’re wondering what is in store for you now. Well the good news is that it’s only 6-8 hours of your time between January and May and there are also loads of opportunities for you to get more involved with the programme and the students. The B!G Idea is the kind of project that draws you in and makes you want to get more involved. But feel free to do it your way and give as little or as much time as you are able to. 

Here are our B!G milestones:

October – April – The B!G 5 Live! Every Wednesday at 11am over on Instagram, Kim is joined by one of our Mentors for a fun session of quick-fire questions about all things creative. We welcome all Mentors to share your experiences. It literally requires 5 minutes of your time but it is fun, lively and energetic. 

October – we will be holding focus groups with our B!G Mentors to run through the programme and show you what’s in store for our students. We will offer you the opportunity to give us your feedback and your thoughts. 

One of the B!G parts of the programme is working with the students to identify the issue and then co-create their briefs. This is a very exciting part of the process and we really welcome our B!G Mentors to get involved. 

November – we will give you the option as a B!G Mentor to contribute to group lessons. In our lessons, we invite expert Mentors to be interviewed by the students on their speciality. This will be a Q&A session but there will be time for some fun and frivolity with the students as well! 

February is when the fun kicks in properly for the B!G Mentors. From 18-25 February we will be sending out the student briefs. You will all receive three projects each which we will ask you to review and give some constructive feedback on. The students take this feedback and develop their thinking. We will be on hand to help at all times with online resources and lunch-and-learns with other Mentors and teachers.

Finally, in May it’s time for the B!G judging. Each mentor will be assigned the same projects as in February. You will be able to see the progress that has been made and how the projects have developed. We created a very easy platform for you to review the student projects. You will be able to see directly the impact you have had on the students and their projects.

Last but by no means least is the final showcase which will take place on 20 May. We would love you to log in and attend the showcase online to celebrate all the student’s achievements and to see who scoops the B!G prize.

Overall, we ask for 6-8 hours of Mentors time from January to May but should you want to participate more, we have lots of ways for you to engage as a Mentor in our B!G community. We know that one size doesn’t fit all and that’s what makes B!G Mentoring unique! Keep an eye on social media and our website for further updates or feel free to contact us at any time. 

And sssshhh, don’t say too much but the best bit of all – we have goodies and discounts from a wide range of our amazing friends for all our B!G Mentors!

Not a mentor yet? You can sign up now and enjoy all the benefits!

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