Swag in the Bag
22 December 2020

Swag in the Bag

During a chilly December, we were thrilled to have the support of family and friends who helped pack 500 swag bags for our inaugural year of The Big Idea. Packed with love and sanitised hands, each and every one of the Swag bags contained all the materials our students need for our 15-week programme.

One of the founding principles of The Big Idea is inclusivity, we want to give the opportunity to every student to have access to the equipment they would need so they can experience The Big Idea equally. 

Our 2021 swag bag (packed with love) included;

  • A custom T-shirt.
  • Journal looking forward to being filled.
  • Pen for purpose.
  • Pencil of power!
  • Post-it notes to capture thoughts.
  • Lego (yes lego, lots of systems thinking opportunities)
  • Lego glasses (we love lego)
  • Scissors, chop-chop!
  • Sellotape – you know what that’s for!
  • Pencil case (for guess what)
  • The Big Idea project Brief’s overview.
  • All snuggly housed in our custom-designed Swag bag

Our swag bag is completely free to our students, parents and schools. A B!G shout out to our partners who have helped fund us to provide this whopper pack to our 2021 students! 

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