The B!G Idea 2023 – Mentor Impact

Our 2023 students talking about the impact their B!G Mentors had on their projects!

“It made us like think about it in a different way to what we were actually thinking about it. It was a lot of help to make our project better.”

– Emily, Mercy Secondary School, Waterford

The Mentors have a major role to play in The B!G Idea. They offer feedback and advice on topics that they have expert knowledge on and open our students up to a whole new level of understanding. It’s a HUGE thing for these students, and it shows!

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The B!G Idea Accelerator 2023

The B!G Idea Accelerator 2023

It’s that wonderful time where our standout student teams get to meet their Mentors and build on their B!G Ideas! This event was hosted by our amazing Partners Autodesk in Dublin.

With support from our Partners RIAI, MSD, Netwatch, Local Enterprise Office Carlow, Rethink Ireland, Britvic, BaxterStorey, ESB, and Siol Foundation

The B!G Idea Challenges 2023

The B!G Idea Challenges 2023

Our 2023 Challenge topics as chosen by our students. This year, the topics chosen were:

Climate Change
Displaced People
Hidden Poverty
Diversity & Inclusion
Mental Health

These Challenges align directly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call to action for all countries, to build a better world by 2030.

Lucy Fitzgerald – MSD

Lucy Fitzgerald – MSD

Lucy Fitzgerald, MS&T Shift Engineer from MSD Ireland, tells us about her experience of Mentoring on The B!G Idea in 2023.

“They all had such a unique take and such unique concepts! It was really great to see that variety amongst the students.”

Lucy is one of our favourites! She has contributed to both our 2022 Winners Accelerator at The Dock with MSD, as well as the programme where she did an interview speaking on Mindset for our 2022 students. You’re AMAZING Lucy!