NCCA Accreditation

NCCA Accreditation

The B!g Idea has been Accredited with the NCCA Transition Year Programme

NCCA Accreditation

The B!G IDEA – Creativity with a purpose

The Big Idea is a 15-week practically-oriented creative programme developed to empower students to use their creativity to develop a B!G idea (solution) to tackle society’s biggest challenges.

Creativity is a mindset, a skillset and a process. Each week teachers and their students are guided through The Big Idea digital supports to learn how to use and apply creative strategies to solve problems. Through their engagement with the creative process, students can apply this knowledge and understanding of creativity to investigate solutions to their chosen brief.


Transition Units

Transition units (TUs) are new curriculum components that are timetabled for approximately 45 hours. Alongside shorter modules and other learning experiences, schools may include a variety of TUs as part of their transition year programme. Transition units are not intended to be ‘exam’ courses but are assessed as part of the teaching and learning in the unit.

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