Patrick Molloy

Patrick Molloy

Design for Stage & Screen, Designer

What does creativity mean to you?

Being knowledgeable, well informed on my field of practice, which in turn enables my mind to freewheel and find creative, lateral solutions to the work in hand. To be curious about how creativity happens, what is the process, what is my process? What impedes and what enables, stimulates creative thinking? Creativity is innate to humanity; everyone is creative to a greater or lesser degree and it needs fostering at an early age.

What attracted you to B!G Mentoring and what are you most looking forward to?

As a designer and as a lecturer in design for stage and screen I was curious as to how creativity sometimes happened, I researched the process and concluded that it was so important that first year, third level students at IADT should have a lecture on Creative Process as part of their Induction Week. I enjoyed a position as ‘Mentor in Creative Process’ to international post-grad Art & Design students on the Uversity project. I am supportive of the Junior Cert initiative Arts in Junior Cycle and the Design & Crafts Council initiative ‘Divergent thinking in the Classroom’. 

The IDI BiG Idea initiative just Wow’s me with interest and anticipation and I am looking forward to its success and hopefully being part of the team the brings its success to fruition.

Why is creativity and innovation important in your line of work?

I have come to acknowledge that it is part of my way of life, part of the human condition (even if dormant for some) and that creative thinking and innovation is important for the wellbeing of us all.

In design for stage and screen the process is collaborative from beginning to end. Including the participation of the end user and their experience. It is complex in the choreography of its many disciplines working in concert for a common aim. There are on occasion unknown and unpredictable factors to be catered for, which require forethought (what if?), and require options on possible solutions, quickly. Having a creative, innovative thought process to call on is invaluable.

What do you now know about creativity that you wish you would have known earlier in your career or when you were a student in secondary school?

In school, I wish I knew that it was ok to fail, to try and to get it wrong and then, to learn from my failures so as to fail better next time. That at times there is no right way that some ways are more appropriate or suitable than others.

Every thought, idea in the privacy of my own mind is valid. That in practice ideas remain valid until deemed invalid for some political, social, legal, budgetary technical, etc reason.  

How important practice and rehearsing you skill set is to enabling creativity and innovation. The importance of testing new learning in a safe way.

Last but not least! The B!G ‘Whatif!’ If the power of creativity was unleashed in every person, young and old and in between, what do you think Ireland would look like?

I believe society would feel more confident and comfortable confronting and managing the challenges facing the inhabitants of the island of Ireland. Such as climate change, diminishing resources, growing population, housing shortage, poverty. A society where every stakeholder sees his or her glass as half full. It could enable a near utopian country in which to live.

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